Want to own a highly profitable solar company?

“New SOLAR FRANCHISE model allows solar pros to build and scale

a highly profitable solar business starting day 1…”

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There Are Only 3 Franchises Available For This Offer

This is a limited time offer because we spend a significant amount of time helping franchise owners build and scale their highly profitable solar company.  As such, availability is limited.

Attention: solar pros

We discovered a 'new solar model'

 that allows solar pros to not only be a sales and marketing company but also own the installation company to boot!

Make no mistakes, this is a License To Make A Killing, and has the ability to grow your company faster than anything else you've ever experienced!
From: Mike Morris
Lindon, Utah

Let me know if this happened to you…

Have you ever worked for a solar company and watched them cut your overrides and swipe your sales reps…

Or maybe you worked for a solar company that couldn’t fulfill on solar projects and cost you hundreds of thousands in sales

Or worse, the solar company just flat out stole money from you

...maybe they just went out of business leaving you to find a new home and your clients high and dry without support.

If so, you’re not alone.

My name is Mike Morris, and all the above has happened to me which is why I said,

"enough is enough" and started my own solar company!

The road to starting a solar company was harder than I realized. Have you ever thought about what it takes to create one?

You need:
  • Business name
  • Contractor’s licenses
  • Access to funding (which you can’t get until you hit $2.5M in sales)
  • ​​Installers
  • Employees to handle accounting and operations
  • Capital to buy product
  • Sales reps
  • Processes designed to scale your business
…and much more.

Just getting all the pieces in place is a 3-6 month full time job and in the meantime, you won’t even generate any cash flow.

Plug & Play

That’s when I realized, what if I franchised the solar company so other solar pros could skip the entire setup process and have a fully operational solar company day 1? As simple as a Plug & Play model?

How much more profitable would you be if…

…you could skip the whole setup process!
Here is what your business would look like day 1:

Highly Profitable 'PLUG & PLAY' Business Model

Just imagine how much faster you could scale your profitable solar business!

Could you generate $500,000, or $2,000,000 or $10,000,000 in sales your first year?

Crazy, right?!

I was able to generate $4,825,320 in sales without having a team and taking 4 months off because the solar company I worked for couldn’t fulfill the solar sales. I could have 5X this if the wheels would have stayed on the bus and installers didn’t hire away my reps.

Are you seeing the power of owning both the sales and the installation company?!

How much faster could you scale if you had an ALPHA Sales Team, Rock Solid Operations, and Business Processes Designed To Scale and MAXIMIZE PROFITS?!

That’s what the Alpha Powered Home Franchise model does for you!  It gives Solar Pros like you an unfair advantage and the ability to scale like the big boys without having to spend $500,000 to $10,000,000+ buying an overpriced solar company.

Cool, right!

So here is a special offer we have for you…
We call it the...

"Solar Lord Million Dollar Spring Launch"

Here is what you get with your Alpha Powered Home Franchise:

Alpha Powered Home Franchise

Alpha Powered Home Franchise

You get an established and highly profitable business that is designed to scale.


Contractor's Licenses

Contractor's Licenses

You get contractors licenses day 1 and you don't have to give up equity in the company to get it!

You can also recruit sales reps and put an end to reps going around you to your installer.


Solar Financing

Solar Financing

You get access to solar financing without having to generate $2.5M in sales to gain access.

This will help you can skip the 6 months to a year trying to establish your company and choking out financially by only being able to do cash deals.  

Solar financing alone will make you profitable day 1!




You get access to our professional installers.

This give you access to install solar, the highly lucrative batteries, and speciality upsell products to grow your sales and dominate your market.


Operations Team

Operations Team

You get a top notch operations team that will handle your engineering, permitting, customer relationships, job scheduling, and figuring out your bills of materials.  

This will allow you to work ON your business rather than In your business.


Accounting & KPIs

Accounting & KPIs

You will receive accounting and Key Performance Indicator metrics so you can bench mark your business.

We will help you identify areas that need improvements to increase your business' profitability.


As You Can See...

We are piling on the value for you so you can scale a highly profitable business!

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

Apply Now And If Your Application Is Accepted During the

"Solar Lord Million Dollar Spring Launch"

Get These FREE Bonuses!

BONUS #1 - sales rep recruiting events

Biannual sales rep recruiting events to bring high octane alpha sales reps to your team!

Total Value: $100,000

Nothing will grow your business faster than building out an Alpha team of sales reps. 

We host biannual events that draw out the best sales reps to build your business.

Get This for FREE when you get your franchise as part of the "Solar Lords Million Dollar Spring Launch!"

BONUS #2: Sales training and pitch deck

Proven sales pitch training and pitch deck that we have used with a 95% closing ratio!

$100,000 Value

One of the fastest ways to increase closing ratios is to treat sales like science.  This is a solar specific, science based, closing machine.

It's a lot like setting a dinning room table.  Everything needs to be in its proper place at the right time to close at a high rate, consistently.

Get This For FREE When You Get Your Franchise As Part Of The "Solar Lords Million Dollar Spring Launch!"

BONUS #3: Access to marketing content

We test out marketing with our money to find the best ads to drive leads and give you the winners!

$30,000 Value

When creating ads there is usually only 5 out of a 150 that are high performers.  It can have a HUGE impact on your business just to use the winning ads.

And the beauty is, you don't have to create the content.  Just take the winners and smile all the way to the bank.

Get This For FREE When You Get Your Franchise As Part Of The "Solar Lords Million Dollar Spring Launch!"

BONUS #4: Business processes, software, and tools

We take the guess work out of learning the Best business processes, which softwares to Use, and tools to automate your business!

$20,000 Value

The SECRET to scaling a business is nailing the best processes, right softwares, and tools to grow.

If you have ever purchased collection of software to run your business, you know all those subscriptions are a pretty penny.  With your plug and play franchise, you get the best softwares, business processes and tools included day 1.

Get This For FREE When You Get Your Franchise As Part Of The "Solar Lords Million Dollar Spring Launch!"

BONUS # 5: Access to sales leads

As a franchise owner, you get access to leads we receive so you can grow your business and drive sales!

$30,000 Value

As a franchise owner you get access to leads in your area that are generated through our advertising.  This will give you FREE income as you close these deals and grow your business.

Get This For FREE When You Get Your Franchise As Part Of The "Solar Lords Million Dollar Spring Launch!"

BONUS #6: Solar Lords training

As a franchise owner you become a solar lord and get access to exclusive trainings!

$100,000 Value

Leverage our Knowledge and Special Know How to optimize your business, grow your sales teams, and bring new exclusive products to the market for your customers.

Get This For FREE When You Get Your Franchise As Part Of The "Solar Lords Million Dollar Spring Launch!"

BONUS #7: Alpha Powered Home Website

You get a dedicated Alpha Powered Home website built for your business.

$30,000 Value

Your franchise will receive a dedicated website where you can generate leads and showcase your business.

Get This For FREE When You Get Your Franchise As Part Of The "Solar Lords Million Dollar Spring Launch!"

BONUS #8: Gotta be crazy 6 month money back guarantee

If You don't make money, we don't want your money!

$100,000 Value

I guarantee that you'll make your investment back in 6 months or less or I'll give you your money back.

With a crazy guarantee like this, we only accept True ALPHAS to own an Alpha Powered Home franchise. Our goal is to put you in the Alpha Millionaire Club!

Get This For FREE When You Get Your Franchise As Part Of The "Solar Lords Million Dollar Spring Launch!"

As you can see, when you get a franchise, we over deliver!  

Our goal is to help build you a highly profitable franchise. This takes a lot of time and effort on our part and as such, we are only taking on 3 NEW FRANCHISEES for this February

"Solar Lord Million Dollar Spring Launch"

As you can see, there is Very Limited Availability.

If you are an Alpha Solar Pro and have what it takes to be a Solar Lord, just click the button and apply now.

Think about it, if all this did was make it so you could keep your solar reps from going around you to the installer, would it be worth it?

If all this did was allow you to actually scale your sales, would it be worth it?

and if all this did was to allow you to build your OWN Business rather than somebody else's, would it be worth it?


Let me show you EVERYTHING you get with your Alpha Powered Home Franchise during the


Total Value: $1,130,000

Get Your Alpha Powered Home Franchise For A


Apply now and start building your million dollar franchise!

This is truly a limited offer, so apply Now before all the franchise slots are gone...

If you haven't applied yet, you're probably thinking "do you have a Payment Option to help me get get my franchise going?"  

We are so confident that we can help you build and scale a profitable franchise that we will FUND Your Franchise and Help You Scale Your Business!
Now there's nothing standing between you and SUCCESS!
Apply now. You have nothing to lose but a bad installer, sales reps who keep going around you, and lost sales because your current solar installer keeps the money or can’t fulfill your sales.

Mike Morris

P.S. In case you are one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of a letter, here is the deal:

I will help you set up a get a plug and play solar franchise so you are profitable on day 1 without having to jump through all the hoops of getting contractor licenses, waiting until you hit $2.5M in sales before you can get financing, and trying to find your installers, operations, accounting firms, software etc.

The only catch is, we only have 3 franchises available for the month of February. We do not accept everybody who applies because we have skin in the game to make sure you are profitable. Frankly, not everybody is an Alpha nor has what it takes to scale a business and become a millionaire.  

So, if you are an ALPHA and have what it takes to be a Solar Lord, Apply Now and let’s start building you a Highly Profitable Franchise!

Get Your Alpha Powered Home Franchise During the


And claim all the FREE Bonuses and launch your highly profitable solar company Today!

Alpha Powered Home

DISCLAIMER: The solar figures stated anywhere on this page are individual solar figures and marketing results. Please understand that solar figures are not typical, and we are not implying that you will duplicate them. We have the benefit of doing solar for 5+ years, and have an established following as a result. 

>ABOUT THE STRATEGY SESSION: After completing an application, you will get the opportunity to schedule  a Strategy Session with a qualified professional  from our team. This is completely optional. The Session lasts about 60 minutes and if you do not want to work more closely with us, you can leave without buying anything. The Strategy Session will provide insights on your solar business  and offer saving solutions that you will be able to implement right away.

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